Local Retreat Center

Local area ministry leaders need a place to rest, be encouraged, and be restored. Typically, that need is met by slipping out of town once or twice a year to get a break from the day-to-day pressures of ministry. Unfortunately, most pastors are reluctant to do this, for a variety of reasons. Here’s a place in town that pastors and leaders could come to rest, relax, debrief with other leaders and collaborate on ministry ideas.

Sunday Break

We encourage every pastor to take a break from the pulpit once every 6 months to attend another church in town, support that pastor and get a look at what God is doing in other congregations in the city. CitiServe would provide a speaker for that Sunday or any Sunday that you just need a break.

Relationship Building

Initiating and pursuing relationships with individuals and groups in Cowlitz County is the basis of almost everything CitiServe will do. Sitting in coffee shops, developing friendships while discussing the ups and downs of leadership. This is what we’ll bring to the table. It’s not about fixing people in ministry, but walking alongside them as they seek God for themselves and the people they are leading.

Sabbatical Planning

Sabbaticals are a crucial, yet seldom utilized way for pastors and leaders to rest and get restored. We have some leaders in town who can help you plan and facilitate a sabbatical personally designed for your personality and needs.